Successful Center Development Begins With The Right Plan

You can depend on FKP’s experience in providing you with the resources for building new centers. We’ll arrange step-by-step planning and development to assure that your new center development project takes the right direction from the start.

Overview of steps
FKP offers proven working guidelines to assist you in maintaining a smooth development, design, and building process.

FKP will take you from project inception through completion, while new center development projects vary in size, facility design and focus, the steps listed provide a general structure that will assist you in creating the most effective new center development process possible.

Before your new center development begins, your FKP a consultant will offer you assistance and guidance to:

• Define a vision for your center.
• Evaluate your local competition.
• Determine your short-term and long-term goals.
• Follow an established project plan to help you reach your objectives.
• Select the FKP products that will help you achieve your specific goals.
• Continually review the pre-installation checklists you’ve developed with your FKP consultant.
• Create communication plans to inform your employees and customers about your future league and open play schedules.
• Confer with your marketing resources to create promotions for your grand opening and develop an on-going promotion and marketing plan.
• Make a list of all your training needs and develop a training schedule with our supplied training manual

While your new center development project is in process, you may begin to:
• Implement applicable communication and marketing plans.
• Implement your training programs.
• Maintain continuous communication with your FKP representative and FKP product specialist.

After your new center development project is complete, you may:
• Implement your grand opening marketing plan, make the most of your grand opening by promoting it throughout your marketplace.
• Implement all of your in-center communication plans and programs for employees and customers.