Xtra. Sector Control

Using the Xtra.Sector Control System the speed of karts can be controlled in every section (zone) of the race track. In the case of an accident, the speed of the karts driving inside the dangerous zone is limited automatically. Once the karts are outside the dangerous section, the speed limit is released.

The same system can be used for Pit-In and Pit-out speed control. Once a kart drives into the pit area, the speed is automatically reduced while the other karts on the track retain their normal speed. When a kart exits the pits, the speed is set to normal.

In combination with the Xtra.Driver Information Display, the Xtra.Sector System can be used as Start/Finish line marker for displaying laptimes. For circuits having 2 (or more) tracks which can be combined to one big track, the system can change the Track/Group settings of the Xtra.Shutdown transponder by simply driving a kart through the ‘configuration sector’.

Operating principle
The Xtra.Sector Control System consists of one or more Xtra.Sector Beacon(s) placed along the track and Xtra.Sector Sensors mounted on every kart.

A rectangle shaped loopwire is placed across the tarmac and attached to the Xtra.Sector Beacon. This loopwire marks the start of the sector. The loop/section number and function can be easily selected on the Xtra.Sector Beacon.

The Xtra.Sector Sensor is connected to the Xtra.Shutdown transponder by means of the kart network port. Once the kart passes the loop, the intelligent Xtra.Sector Sensor processes the function received.