Turn Key

Our project specific custom track designs are created with both client and driver in mind.

We enjoy bringing the customer on board to design the desired features that make your track unique and stand out. Whether you are more or less involved in the design process, FKP will do the heavy lifting.

Its in the details.

Poorly designed tracks that are too narrow, too tight or overly technical will have trouble area’s that become bottle necks that will lead to more track and kart damage. Flow reduction = less capacity per hour.

Every detail and aspect of your track will be taken into consideration during our design process to insure maximum safety and return on investment by creating the best possible experience for you and your customers.

Your track will be more desirable to experienced racers, more fun for novices and offer an all around better racing experience, by reducing fatigue and adding safety.

 Bridges and Ramps

Head and sholders above the rest.

The PGK designed bridges and ramps are adopted form the industrial sector. Designed to last, a well designed and constructed structure provides maximum safety while improving comfort and cost savings through less wear and tear.

  • Industrial rated material bring an unparalleled level of safety and longevity
  • Reduced liability by sourcing high quality materials and design
  • Smoothest transitions in the industry, engineered to keep operational cost down and improve safety.
  • No need for concrete work and slabs to build multi-level tracks.
  • Lab tested and proven on track worldwide.