TECPRO has created a revolutionary system of low-wall protection designed to improve security around the track, for drivers and staff.

The TECPRO system is International Patented and FIA approved, The barriers are made of polyethylene contact-wall, hollow on the inside, connected blocks connected together by double nylon straps.

The TECPRO low-walls can be shaped perfectly to any curves and turns of race tracks and are available in many color.



  • Safety
    Absorbs shocks
    Minimizes equipment breakage and impact on drivers
    Cancels a boomerang effect
    Obtains an anti-embedded effect
    Obtains an anti-slow down effect

Our efficiency and seriousness is recognized by the international federations and by the CIK FIA (Motorcar International Federation)

  • Profitability
    Space advantage
    Compared to other systems (tyres, bunch of straws, plastic tubes…) the TecPro system is the less voluminous (50 %)
  • Saving time
    A 1/3-of-a-mile rave track can be reset by one operator in 15 minutes, whereas 2 hours are necesary with another system.
    A 1/3-of-a-mile race track can be equiped by 4 operators in two days ; as a comparison the other systems demand several weeks.
  • Mobility
    One 1/3-of-a-mile race track can be reshaped entirely in one day by 4 people ; thus you have the possibility to offers easily a brand new track to your customers.
  • Esthetics and a fantastic advertising medium

Barrier sizes

  • Dimensions
    Low-walls dimensions in cm (length x height x width):
    2) 100 x 50 x 40
    3) 120 x 80 x 40
    4) 150 x 120 x 60 (F1)