Xtra. Light Control

Light control The Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint is up-gradable with an Xtra.Light Control board. This board adds three mains switches and four low-voltage signal inputs to the Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint. Hook up green start, red stop and yellow warning lights and control these with an input signal or wirelessly using the Xtra.Remote Control and / or personal computer. With advanced system configuration the signal inputs may be assigned to other functions as well.


3 channels (Mains switches)
Output light patterns
Continously on
Continously off
Blinking on/off ( Blinking rate 20 … 1000 mSec )
Configurable for each output channel individually
Maximum total output current
6.3 Amp
Maximum individual output current
4 Amp
4 galvanic isolated 12 volt inputs.
Both ac and dc voltages can be used.
Input triggers
Rising edge
Falling edge
Positive level
Negative level
6.3 Amp / Slow (20mm)
Power source
Internally from Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint
Temperature range
-10 … +40 Degrees Celsius
Approx. 100 grams