Renovation Upgrade

Our TBP applied to an existing track renovation.

Renovation Upgrade
Whether you have just purchased a used kart track or looking to renovate your current indoor kart track because it has a few years on it and would like to update it we can help provide the face-lift you are looking for.

Barrier Renovation
Many older style tracks still use tires for barriers or have old barriers that are visually not pleasing, detracting from the overall look and feel of the facility and serve little purpose. We can replace your old system with a new barrier system, giving you a better looking track but also a more effective, durable, low maintenance barrier system.

Track Surface Renovation
Plain grey concrete is out of style. It looks dirty quickly with tire dust and tire tracks and looks very plain. Our track resin makes your indoor track instantly look like a pro-level track. It gives the look of a race track with painted curbing and track lines but it also helps reduce tire wear while providing the ideal amount of grip.

Layout Renovation
Facilities, over time, need to be refreshed. The same goes for the barriers and tracks. We can design a new exciting layout maximizing the efficiency of your building. Provided there is enough ceiling height we can even make your old single level track a fresh multi-level track.